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Ex-Bradford Bulls forward hits out at rugby union following video footage

The age-old rivalry between rugby union and rugby league continues to rage on to this day.

The split between the 15-man code and 13-a-side game stretches back two centuries ago to 1895 when the poorer heartlands of the north wanted to go professional, leaving behind the rich suburbs of the south.

The Northern Rugby Union was born and the rivalry between league and union has never been forgotten.

And, despite some attempts in the region of Toulouse to try and bring the two back together in friendship, it’s fair to say the UK is heavily divided in that respect.

For one former Bradford Bulls forward, the better sport is obvious – especially when looking at one particular that has emerged on social media.

Twitter is a great place for people to flex their creative muscles and one such user was no different in editing footage of a rugby union championship match between two sides in a packed house.

Unfortunately, the two teams were perhaps not ready for the Benny Hill theme tune and a tally in the corner, counting every kick to and from both sides in the space of around a minute.

In fact, there was a grand total of 17 kicks inside one minute, with Peltier commenting: “Definitely the far superior on pitch product ey”.

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