Everything Willie Peters had to say after defeat to Salford

Willie Peters has spoken to the press after Salford Red Devils defeated his Hull KR side 26-16 at the Magic Weekend.

Here is everything he had to say.

Reaction to Defeat

There’s a saying, you know, saying I go by, is you get what you deserve, and I thought we did that tonight, today. We got what we deserved on that scoreboard. Obviously, you know, it’s a few injuries, which is not good to see. Batch has gone to hospital. Hopefully it’s just precautionary. I’ll find out a little bit more about that soon. In terms of the game, I didn’t think we were ever in it. We were in front at half time, probably lucky to be in front at half time. And then we come out in the second half and just too many errors, no discipline, the penalties that we gave in yardage. They won the Ruck today.

Undisciplined, that’s probably a key factor that’s costing us at the minute, isn’t it? Especially with that penalty count, because you get in a good ball, you knock it on, you can’t let it seem like it’s all but do without counting to punish you.

No, exactly. We had our chances. They gave us a few chances because they had a few errors as well, but then, as I say, that started that second half, to give two yardage penalties, And then I think it was a late one on Dean Hadley on Sneyd when he got 10 minutes. They hurt you bad those. And then you need to do more tackling off the back of it and fatigue starts to set in. And like I say, against a team like Salford who like to play with the ball, you’re going to get tied towards the back end and that’s when they went straight through the heart of us.

Yes, Jesse’s done a hamstring. Again we need to look at the severity of that but like any hamstring it’s going to be a few weeks for sure. Lachlan Coote failed his HIA.

Lachlan Coote worry

Yeah, he was good then, he was in good spirit so I only spoke to him. I spoke to the team but I went up to him individually and he sounded okay. But you never know, I need to go and have a good chat with the doc and talk more to him after this.

Jack Walker

Yeah, we knew that we needed some depth in our full-back position. Obviously, with Lachlan going down today, he won’t be able to play next week. So yeah, it’s coming at a good time.

James Batchelor

I think initially he had no feeling and then that feeling started to come back so he’s gone to hospital as far as I know it’s precautionary, from what I know he’s in a decent way at the moment but I can’t give you too much because I’m not sure. He was good I didn’t personally see him but when I went in half time I spoke to the medical team and they said he was good, he was in good spirits but it was more so precautionary with the symptoms that he gave initially just that he needed to go to hospital.

I think it hurt both teams to be honest because no one likes to see any player go down the way he did. Whether it was a Solver player or a KR player. Our sport is a brutal physical sport and that’s why fans love it because it’s entertaining and it’s physical and all that sort of stuff but when you see a player go down like that it doesn’t matter what team they play for, I’m sure no player likes it. they play for, I’m sure no player likes it.