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Eorl Crabtree feels sorry for Ian Watson

Expectations are high at Huddersfield Giants after finishing third in Super League and making the Challenge Cup Final.

Now former Giant Eorl Crabtree has said he feels sorry for Ian Watson because there is pressure and the fact he has to keep that boss happy.

“There’s so much pressure on and I feel sorry for Ian Watson in a way because he’s got the team that he wanted. He’s chosen this, there’s no excuses and nowhere to go.

“He’s expected to do something this year and we’re talking about silverware essentially. It’s a big year for him and the team and they need to perform.

“There’s a lot of players in the team and in the squad who will be disappointed week in week out. There’s so many great players in strength and depth but when you’re not performing like that, that’s what makes it even more disappointing.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Brown spoke about the difficult of managing Jake Connor’s position:

“Mentioning Jake Connor, where’s he going to play? That’s the big one for me, keeping all those players happy. There’s so much quality in that side. But 8-0, it’s a bit clunky at the minute and they need to get going.”

Then Crabtree stated they have to win a trophy: “Success has to be silverware. I think we were a minute away from silverware last year at Wembley.”

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