English rugby league “will continue to struggle” if this happens says ex-NRL player

St Helens are the Champions of the World after a sublime performance against Penrith Panthers.

At the heart of this amazing day for St Helens, was a Man of the Match display from Jack Welsby who has been chased by NRL clubs as consequence.

However, former New South Wales coach Laurie Daley has warned that if the NRL signed people like Welsby that it would mean English rugby league would continue to struggle:

“Terrific player. I had a debate with Buzz yesterday, yes I want to see these players came to the NRL, but also to some degree I want them to stay in England to boost up Super League because it is struggling,” Daley said on the Big Sports Breakfast.

“If they all come out here this international game that we want to flourish is just getting weaker and weaker. The great players are coming here because in the old days the big money was in England but the big money is now here. If the flood continues the game back over in the old dark will continue to struggle.”

Praising the Saints, he did point out the absentees Penrith had: “Let’s not forget Dylan Edwards and Liam Martin didn’t play, two significant contributors to their back to back titles.

“The question is can they secure a three-peat. I don’t know many other teams that can go with Penrith, maybe Souths, maybe the Roosters, maybe Parramatta.

“There isn’t a queue of sides in my opinion that are lining up to take on Penrith, but winning three in a row could be a mountain too steep to climb.

“Any side in the salary cap era to make three consecutive finals goes down in history as among the finest of all time, can they win three in a row? Right here, right now I’ll say no.”

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