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NRL Quiz: Can you name the teams these 10 English players have played for

NRL quiz

Over the years we have seen a number of English players make the move from Super League to the NRL.

It is often a daunting prospect for many to make the jump up in class to Australia’s premier competition, with some have greater success than others down under.

The likes of Sam Burgess, Adrian Morley and James Graham became legends for their respective clubs and the NRL as a whole, proving that English talent has what it takes to cut the mustard on the other side of the world.

We’ve also seen a number of players struggle to live up to expectations, with back in particular finding it tough to make a real mark in the competition given the speed and quality of talent that is home grown in Australia.

It is a great feat when an English player can achieve success over a number of years in the NRL, especially when you consider the chasm in the popularity of the sports in the respective countries.

Still, though the salary cap and finances of NRL continue to streak way ahead of Super League, Australian clubs continue to shop overseas for English players.

As this continues, we want to test your knowledge to see if you can remember the NRL clubs the following English players represented during their time in Australia – many of whom continue to ply their trade in the competition.

Take the quiz now and see if you can get all 10 questions correct.

NRL Quiz: Which team did these English players represent?

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