England wheelchair star reveals all about crazy celebrations including the mad journey the skipper went on

Last Friday night was a landmark night for Wheelchair Rugby League as England won a thrilling World Cup Final against France.

It was a huge moment for the sport and especially the English team who had lost to France in 2013 and 2017.

So, unsurprisingly, there were some wild celebrations from the England camp after the final.

Speaking on BBC 5 Live’s Rugby League World Cup podcast, England star Seb Bechara revealed all: “When we got back on the bus, to be honest with you, we just started screaming ‘naked bus’ and we got naked on the bus and poured beer on each other. It was really fun.

“We got to the hotel and all our friends and family were there. Everyone had their own way of celebrating.

“Tom Halliwell for example, I stayed at the hotel and at 5 o’clock in the morning, then at 6 o’clock Tom walks in.

“He had been out, he was still in his full playing kit and hadn’t got changed yet. Still in his socks even and he had England sun glasses on and he was still sweaty after the game.

“He was definitely smelly I can tell you that.

“I went to bed at eight or nine o’clock in the morning. I know Tom went through the whole night, went for an interview at seven, then for a coffee with James Simpson who had just got up, Tom still hadn’t slept. It was a long night.”

He then spoke seriously about the length of the journey and the need to promote the game on the back of it: “It’s been a long journey, we need to cease the opportunity this has given us.”

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