England wheelchair star calls France out for being “sore losers” and making “a lot of fuss” about physicality

According to St Helens legend Jon Wilkin, wheelchair rugby league is ready to “explode.”

That’s what the former Super League Champion said on BBC at the end of the Rugby League World Cup on Saturday night.

It comes after a terrific final between England and France in a classic encounter but it left plenty of talking points such as the officiating and what has been described as a “war over the soul of the sport.”

It comes after the French camp suggested that the game was too physical which would deter disabled players from playing the game in the future.

Speaking on BBC 5 Live’s Rugby League World Cup podcast, this discussion was put to one of England’s star players Seb Bechara and was a bit surprised by their comments having played the sport in France himself.

“That’s a really tough question,” he said, “They’ve been complaining how physical it was, but I played in the French Championship and I don’t think it’s any less physical than the final.

“I think I’ve been in every single French Championship Final since 2013 and every one has been really physical just as it was yesterday.

“They’re making a lot of fuss, I don’t want to be nasty about it but they’re sore losers right night.”

Sadly, these comments from the French were on stark contrast to those from England skipper Tom Halliwell who called on everyone to play the sport after the World Cup Final.

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