England star set for huge competition in two positions in 2023 further highlighting desire for move

Herbie Farnworth very nearly dragged England kicking and screaming into a Rugby League World Cup Final.

Based on England’s performance against Samoa, they did not deserve to join Australia in the final but the brilliance of Farnworth very nearly saw him drag England into the final with two sensational tries which underlined his brilliance which has been there for all to see in the NRL this year.

It even as other NRL clubs sniffing around the Englishman now that he is in the final year of his deal and can negotiate with rival teams and has been able to since November 1st.

Adding to the complexity of this situation, Farnworth is keen on moving to fullback which Canterbury Bulldogs and Brisbane Broncos have an interest in the centre.

However, he is also keen on taking the fullback spot now at Brisbane. This has left him with huge competition in two positions.

If he wants to take the fullback spot at Brisbane he will have to fend of Reece Walsh as well as Tesi Nui who has been linked with a move to The Dolphins.

Meanwhile, at centre Kotoni Staggs and young Jesse Arthars are also vying for the cente spots.

Staggs is returning from injury and his big role in the team has been explained by Arthars:

“Tones (Staggs) is massive for this team and one of our senior leaders,” Arthars told AAP.

“This is his second defensive session today and he’ll get more reps in going into Christmas and the New Year. I’m sure he’ll be flying into Round 1.

“I’m trying to build into being a starting centre. The competition for spots is high, but I knew that. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

All of this depth and the money that Farnworth can now command as a star player makes a move more likely especially with some offers of around $800,000 but where he will end up remains to be seen.

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