England captain Sam Tomkins reveals why he is retiring

Sam Tomkins is set to retire at the end of the 2023 Super League season.

The England captain, who arrived at the French club in 2019, will hang up his boots after 16 seasons as a Rugby League professional

But the Catalans Dragons player will stay at the club, joining the Dragons Staff after the 2023 season in a generic role that will develop over the next few years. He will be involved in the recruitment process and will help the Dragons in a marketing and ambassador capacity, by attending certain meetings and functions for the Club. Occasionally he will help the Coaching Staff with position specific training and skills. He will also have a vital role in educating the Dragons young professionals and ensuring the strong club culture evolves.

Live on Sky Sports he made the announcement emotionally in French, before then revealing what he’d said and explaining the decision in English.

“This is going to be my last season on the field, I can’t do it much longer, this year is going to be a push. I know I can get out there and perform this year but I’m going to be moving into a role off the field next year, still with the Dragons.

“It’s exactly that, it’s my left knee. I still love the game, I’m passionate about the game and I want to play. The rest of my body is saying continue but unfortunately I’ve got that many issues in my knee now that I can’t go much longer.

“It’s been a tough week, the club have been really supportive but I had to go in at the start of last week and say ‘look I’ve not got long left’.”

It’s a huge shock because despite him only starring in one of the Dragons’ four games this season, he was still impressive at the World Cup and seemingly has plenty of rugby left in his legs.

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