England captain Sam Tomkins reacts to special honour bestowed upon Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield

Following the December announcement of the award it was an emotional day in Leeds yesterday as both Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield were officially granted ‘Freedom of the City of Leeds’.

The duo are surely two of the most deserving recipients following their amazing contributions to sport in Leeds but also the incredible journey that they’ve undertaken since Burrow’s diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease in December 2019.

Sinfield stood by as Burrow announced to the world that he was suffering with the neurological condition and since then he has raised millions of pounds to help fund research for the currently incurable disease.

Throughout that same period Burrow has taken his pleas to the government and held them accountable for failed promises whilst also being an inspiration day-in day-out as he refuses to let MND dictate his life.

For all of the above the pair received the prestigious award and Burrow was in attendance with his wife Lindsey as he made an emotional speech, as reported here.

Meanwhile his father Geoff commented earlier that the day was “one of the proudest” of his life, something which the England captain Sam Tomkins has chimed in on.

Tomkins added on that the award was incredibly deserved before commenting on the friendship of Burrow and Sinfield, something that will be the envy of almost everyone given the close nature and brotherhood between the pair.

Whilst Tomkins may at times be a figure of controversy there surely isn’t a single person who can disagree with the Catalans’ players comments regarding the special bond of Burrow and Sinfield.