The end for Man of the Match Betting

As regular readers of our betting reviews will know we always strive to say where we think the best value is on most markets on most Live Super League games . This included the man of the match , but after Friday’s farce at Headingley we will no longer be including a man of the match prediction in our reviews of live Sky games .

We have always stressed that this is a fun bet only and can be very volatile but with the system now of an unknown Super League personality picking 4 names to go up to a public vote it has become a lottery . We had the case of a few weeks ago , I think it was the Good Friday derby , where James Roby was the best player on the park by a street and wasn’t included in the 4, with the award going to golden boy Ben Barba ,  and then  last Friday when hat trick hero Harvey Livett missed out . It has happened on other occasions this year too .

There has always been picks that had left us dumbfounded , that is why we say it is a fun bet only , but this new system is akin to picking  names out of a hat . They picked 3 Leeds players , who admittedly  were winning at the time, when it was clear that Wire were the better side for most of the game apart from a 10 minute spell after half time .

It’s no good picking a man of the match with a quarter of the game left , in our opinion it should go back to the old system of a Sky pundit picking the MOTM , we don’t always agree with their pick (usually talking through our pockets ) but at least we know where we stand . Not just for betting purposes but for fairness too , Daryl Clark looked bewildered to be chosen on Friday .

We will continue with giving our views , so you can rule our picks out of your thinking , for Cup games and we’ll assess the credentials for magic weekend where the system there usually provides a great chance for value .

Up to you if you want to keep going with your man of the match bets , but we do advise fun bets only and be prepared to be annoyed when your man isn’t picked . It is a bet that lasts the full 80 minutes , especially if you pick one from each side .

Look out for our betting reviews for the live Cup games this weekend .