Eddie Hemmings makes huge James Roby prediction

James Roby is widely considered to be the greatest Super League player of all time and now former Sky Sports commentator Mike ‘Stevo’ Stephenson has called for Roby to be recognised at the end of this season, widely considered to be his last, with an MBE.

He said on the Eddie & Stevo Podcast: “What a player. Look I’ve seen some wonderful hookers throughout the years and years and years, but I’ve got to say for 100% all-round performances, both in attack and in defence I’ve got to say James Roby.

“Surely at the end of this season this will be his last, surely he’ll be given the King’s honour, at least an MBE.”

Meanwhile, his old commentary partner Eddie Hemmings claimed that there is a chance that Roby could go round again in 2024.

He said: “I wouldn’t write him off for next year you know. He’s 37 but he looks like he’s 27, he’s fit and keeps on going and playing as well as ever.”

However, Stevo did go on to say that there comes a time for any player to retire hinting that this time Roby won’t pull a 180 on the matter like he has in the past:

“Well there comes a time when you’ve got to pull the plug.”

Having lifted the World Club Challenge this year down under, this could be be a great year for Roby to call it a day.

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