Eddie Hemmings claims Super League coach is “under pressure”

Leeds Rhinos’ play off hopes are dangling by a thread.

They have lost six of the last seven games and now sit six points off the play-offs as their season stalls.

They have also lost to the bottom two in their last two games.

Now, Eddie Hemmings has claimed that “serious questions” are being of Rohan Smith who he claimed is “under pressure.”

“With Wakefield beating Leeds Rhinos there are now serious questions I’m told being asked,
probably not by Gary Hetherington at Headingley, but there are serious questions being asked about the coaching philosophy of Rohan Smith,” he said on The Last Tackle.

“He’s got to be under pressure. Leeds don’t get to the halfway point in the season, usually, and be in the position they are now. They’re six points off the play-offs.”

However, Paul Sculthorpe blamed the players rather than Smith:

“How can you blame the coach when philosophies don’t change week in week out.

“But when you can turn in a performance like they did against Wigan and then turn in a performance like they did against Wakefield when it’s the same players. The players have got to take some responsibility.”