Eddie and Stevo reveal why they think Tony Smith is leaving Hull KR

Tony Smith’s departure from Hull KR was confirmed in late April in what was a bombshell announcement at the time.

The Rovers head coach confirmed he would be leaving in a press conference, telling his players and the media the news and taking everyone by surprise.

For former Sky Sports hosts Eddie Hemmings and Mike ‘Stevo’ Stephenson, they believe that Smith couldn’t agree terms behind the scenes.

“Neil Hudgell, the owner, says he was taken by surprise with the announcement and the way it was handled,” Hemmings said on the Eddie and Stevo podcast.

“Paul Lakin on the other hand, the chief executive, says he has been working on testing the market since the beginning of last month.

“There has been no progress about Smith’s future with the club and so he thinks now he is ahead of the game and is expected make an announcement about his successor very shortly.”

Stevo also feels that Smith could have been put off.

“That gives an indication to me the fact that he didn’t get the contract he wanted,” Stevo said.

“We’ve had committees for years who have put off certain coaches because they interfere.

“It doesn’t happen as much now but there is still that semblance of a committee not liking what they are doing and the coach saying they’ve been successful and then they say they want it done differently.

“How many coaches have had to leave due to interference from people who don’t know much about rugby league?”

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1 month ago

Smith should be running the super league get shut of the hated ganson rimmer Cullen hicks poison dwarfs smith and kear to run the full show

1 month ago

Well,.Eddie and Stevo would certainly be in a position to talk about not knowing much about rugby league.

See how easy it is to make a statement without any facts on which to base it.