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Eddie and Stevo explain why Toulouse should have been exempt from relegation

Much was made of France’s thumping defeat to England last week with some subsequently questioning the value of Catalans Dragons to Super League.

However, former Sky Sports commentators Eddie and Stevo have pushed back against this notion and also stated that last year’s Toulouse Olympique should have been exempt from relegation.

“Let’s just push away this jealousy that we have of ‘why should we have French teams playing?'” Stevo said on the duo’s podcast.

“To my opinion Toulouse should have not have been relegated, Toulouse should have been given the same opportunity that Catalans had so why did they change that?

“They want to spread the gospel but they’re not prepared to give them the opportunity.

“Remember when Catalans came in they didn’t get relegated so why change it?”

Eddie then pointed out: “If we hadn’t given them the chance to build for a couple of years then we wouldn’t have the Catalans side that we’ve got now.”

Stevo then went on to suggest that IMG need to be supportive of France as well: “Precisely, we’ve got to look at ourselves and have a look inside of what’s happening.

“Evidently we’ve got this IMG situation, have they looked at it? Have they tried to say that we should support France?”

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