Dominique Peyroux believes London Broncos are the blueprint for survival

Toulouse are set to make their Super League debut next week as they host Ian Watson’s Huddersfield hoping to make a good impression and a positive start in their bid for survival.

However, things have been made tougher for the club with the French government’s hard stance on vaccination prompting player departures including skipper Johnathan Ford. However, according to forward Dominique Peyroux, this had only furthered the underdog mentality at the club.

In Peyroux’s last stint in Super League, he was anything but an underdog as he helped St Helens to the 2019 and 2020 Super League titles before making the switch to Toulouse in 2021. In his time at the top of Super League, he did however come across a London side firmly written off by the rest.

In 2019, London weren’t given a prayer at the start of the season but came within an inch of survival being the one of a potential four sides to suffer the drop on the final day of the season. However, the Broncos did surprise Peyroux’s St Helens twice that season as they battled hard for unlikely survival.

Having butted heads with that resurgent team three years ago, Peyroux believes emulating them is the key to success for Toulouse.

Ahead of the Super League season, the backrower told the press: “We look at ourselves as underdogs and that builds the hunger as a team. We want to do well, it’s that hunger which will get us through.

“I think it’s a good thing. You look at London for example when they got promoted and I was playing for Saints, you knew they wouldn’t go away that camaraderie and team spirit was there and I think that’s the same for us, everyone willing to defend for each other and showing that desperation.”

So, can Toulouse emulate the togetherness that took London so close to Super League survival and if so, will they go one better than the Broncos and maintain their Super League status? Time will tell.

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