Doctor calls for England star to be officially stood down

An expert in concussions has said that England star Victor Radley needs to be stood down.

The Founding CEO of Concussion Legacy Foundation and neuroscientist Chris Nowinski has called for Victor Radley to be stood down after a concussion last week.

This comes after debate over whether independent doctors should determine Head Injury Assessments rather than club doctors and the length of time that concussion protocols should determine a player misses.

In the past it has been one week but in Super League it changed to 11 days and the NRL is contemplating emulating this after the World Cup however the likes of Phil Gould have hit back at this calling it hysteria.

But after Radley’s latest head knock Dr Nowinski has called for the NRL to stand him down.

He said on Twitter:

“NRL player Victor Radley has has 4 concussions in 2 years, including one in August that caused convulsions & one in the 1st game this season.

“He now may return after 6 days. This could be Tua all over again. Please give the man at least 2 weeks to let his brain recover.”

Radley has been named at 13 for the Roosters clash with New Zealand Warriors this weekend.

This is what has sparked all of this controversy with Radley set to play six days after a head knock.

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