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Do St Helens need to beat Penrith to be Super League greatest side? Here’s what the Saints think themselves

It has been debated time and again about whether or not this St Helens side is the best Super League team ever.

Despite being the first and only side to win four Grand Finals in a row, many have disputed this claim but some have suggested that winning the World Club Challenge against Penrith Panthers down under in February would cement their standing as the best ever.

But what do the St Helens coaches and players themselves think about this?

Here’s what they said:

Head Coach Paul Wellens:

“It is a strange one, this team it almost feels like every year they have to prove themselves in a different way as if winning four in a row isn’t enough to cement them as the best in Super League history. But that’s good and keeps us motivated and this is something different we can prove ourselves as a team and a club.

“It is a different challenge, it is one that we are confident that we can rise to it.”

Tommy Makinson:

“For us as a group it is not the be all and end all, it is on everyone’s wishlist. But exterior it will do in their minds, we don’t need to win this game.

“We are playing Penrith one of the only sides to win the NRL back to back and we are the only side to win four so it is as good as it gets really.

“Maybe I am just playing it down, we definitely want to win it.

“I don’t read too much into what people say, we are real tight and don’t get caught up by what is said whether that is when we are going good and when we aren’t so much.

“I think we have earnt a lot of people’s respect.”

Morgan Knowles:

“I have said in the past that I don’t think we do get enough credit but maybe this group will be looked back on and get credit later down the line.

“This is something as a group that we have not done. It would be another thing that would put us up as one of the best teams.”

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