Details of Josh McGuire’s defence including what he claims he said

Josh McGuire of the Warrington Wolves was slapped with a huge 12 match ban last night when he was found guilty of a Grade F charge for unacceptable language.

The loose-forward pleaded not guilty.

The RFL have now published what he and other said in defence.

This included denying any knowledge of Josh Charnley’s family who the alleged remark he said was aimed towards.

Furthermore, McGuire claims that he simply called Charnley a “rat” as you can read below:

“Player in attendance alongside Richard Cramer (Legal Rep) & Kylie Leuluai (Head of Rugby Operations). Player pleads Not Guilty.

“RC talked the Tribunal through the footage of the incident. He also cross-examined Mr Charnley who joined the hearing to give evidence.

“JM was cross-examined by both Mr Wild (RFL Compliance Manager) and RC. He informed the Tribunal that he had no knowledge about Mr Charnley or his family and that the words he was alleged to have used would not be something he would say. He did not know why he had been accused.

“He added that it had been an aggressive game and as he completed the tackle on Mr Charnley, he did call him a “rat” due to a previous incident in a pre-season game between the two sides.

“Mr Philbin and Mr Kasiano were also called as witnesses and were cross-examined by both sides and the Tribunal Chair.”

The RFL have confirmed that McGuire was charged for allegedly using discriminatory language towards the disabled.