Details emerge about what Josh McGuire is alleged to have said to receive 12 match ban

Josh McGuire was slapped with a huge 12-match ban last night when the Warrington Wolves star was found guilty of a Grade F charge for unacceptable language.

He was also fined £1000.

Details have now been confirmed about what McGuire is alleged to have said to Josh Charnley of the Leigh Leopards.

It has been confirmed that the remark was directed to a member of Charnley’s family:

“The Tribunal also took into account that it was clear both at the time of the offence and in the hearing that Mr Charnley had been profoundly and understandably upset by the remark.

“In any workplace and on the rugby field, people should not have to be subjected to abuse particularly if it is discriminatory and directed towards members of their family.”

Furthermore, it was also confirmed that the language used was discriminatory towards the disable:

“Word used is derogatory and negative – term of abuse and disparagement towards disabled individuals and squarely falls under RFL’s definition of Unacceptable Language.

“The Panel believed that Mr McGuire’s actions were unnecessary, against the true spirit of the game and brings the game into disrepute.

“Verbal abuse based on disability is unacceptable and has no place in the sport of Rugby League or society.

“Mr McGuire’s standards have fallen below what is expected of a player and amount to Misconduct.”