Derek Beaumount questions Leigh players in programme notes ahead of today’s game

It’s certainly not been the season Leigh would’ve wanted.

They were given the difficult task of filling in the void left by Toronto last season without the same preparation time as plenty of their rivals. Their one and only goal was to survive but it soon became clear that that was going to be an uphill struggle.

Their rivals pulled away leaving the then winless Leigh at the bottom. They did claim a fantastic first win of the season at home against Salford giving their fans a well deserved moment of triumph after a horrendous year thanks to the pandemic and a difficult season on the field.

For most of the campaign, you had to praise the side for their guts pushing top teams like Wigan, Hull KR and even St Helens at times. But it seems they’ve not impressed owner Derek Beaumont.

Ahead of today’s game with Wakefield, he used his programme notes to question his players after their defeat to Hull KR at the Magic Weekend. He said: “Having had a couple of sleepless nights after the second half performance in Newcastle, and mulling it over, I have decided that I should have no guilt in that respect.

“Why? Because on the previous Friday (the day of Lord Peter Smith’s funeral) the squad decided to come together as a group, irrespective of their individual views, and whilst I vehemently disagree and have been vindicated for, what they did, which I will elaborate on, I respected which I told them, their sticking together as one.

“Therefore, I have decided I have no issue in making myself clear to them as a united group, irrespective of my individual opinions as to their absolutely disgraceful and weak performance in the second half at Newcastle, something which repeats numerous earlier parts of the season and is why head coach John Duffy lost his job that he perhaps shouldn’t have.”

Clearly not happy, he would go onto elaborate on the performance: “It was a complete collapse, a surrender of belief, desire and will to give pride to the situation and I felt hurt by it and still do. I do not care for the response of the group, as I don’t see how anything I can say will make them care, when they don’t care for each other or this club.”

His words have made quite the stir on Twitter being shared around all over with many people surprised by just how harsh he chose to be.

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