Derek Beaumont wants radical changes to Magic Weekend

The Magic Weekend faces an uncertain future.

There is talk that IMG could end the concept as part of their re-imagining of the sport.

Leigh Leopards owner, a re-imaginer in his own right, Derek Beaumont has revealed what he would do with the concept claiming the league is holding it back.

“For me, you fix that up. I don’t think you ditch the event. I think you fix it up,” he said on BBC Radio Manchester.

“The other fundamental problem is, you excuse the league. You would have thought we’d be closest to Wakefield being a promoted team and now that doesn’t look really fair.

“Then you’ve got Wigan playing Catalan, who are both sat above us two points ahead, it could go either way so that’s another issue with it.

“For me, you make it a separate event, whether it’s nines, and you make it a competition that has a winner over the two days in the end, and everybody plays multiple games. So there’s a reason to be in there. There’s a reason to have a carnival atmosphere.

“There’s a reason to have entertainment like what we put on in the Leopard’s Den and on the second day there’s a prize money for it. So it’s an event you all need to be in there.

“It’s not skipping the league. You can still have the positives of the kit and the week ahead of the way. And somebody wins something, so there’s another opportunity for an overly different club to get their hands on some silverware. So that’s what I would be doing if it was in my hands.”