Derek Beaumont says Leigh Leopards will be “a better prospect than Wigan Warriors” in 2023 as he backs the club for foreign investment ahead of others

Much has been made of Derek Beaumont’s decision to rebrand the Leigh Centurions as the Leigh Leopards as they return to Super League in 2023.

However, Beaumont has explained the decision speaking at a fan event recently.

He believes a Leopard conveys what the club’s on field performances will look like in 2023 and beyond and has said he believes it would make the club more marketable to foreign business owners moving forward.

He said: “They’re fast, elusive and intimidating. If I’m an American business man and I’m looking at which club is most marketable to take forward, I’m going Leigh Leopards.”

Meanwhile, he made a big statement about what else the Leopard will bring to Super League.

In the Leigh Sports Village, he is expecting a full house and believes this will make them a better prospect than huge club Wigan Warriors.

He said: “12,000 fans in here will look better to a broadcaster than 12,000 in a 25,000 seater stadium. So, I’m putting it out there, we will look a better prospect in the next 12 or 24 months than Wigan Warriors.”

It certainly adds extra spice to the next time the two meet in the Battle of the Borough derby in 2023.

Already a feisty affair it will be even more so.

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