Derek Beaumont reveals how much of the salary cap Leigh have spent

Derek Beaumont has worked hard to get Leigh Leopards ready to compete in Super League.

This is because of the amount of money Beaumont has put into the club and the major signings they have made.

This is why the club don’t ever mention relegation despite the recent history concerning newly promoted teams.

Beaumont said on the Eddie and Stevo podcast:

“We don’t mention relegation because in May last year we started recruiting at the same time as all the other Super League clubs and as a consequence of that Chezzy (Chris Chester) was able to go with the full cap and compete for signatures as everybody else was.

“He (Chester) has done a fantastic job. We’re seeing that through the signings of people like Ricky Leutele, Zak Hardaker, Edwin Ipape and Lachlan Lam.

“There are now some great players right away across the board in this club. Then we have got some younger players that Chezzy and Lammy (Adrian Lam) see as been the future.

“We need to try build on that still. We need to add, we need more in the squad, but we’ve got some really good people in there now.”

He went on to confirm that the Leopards have spent up to the cap:

“Those are words (relegation) we don’t talk about, genuinely we don’t talk about them. Never once have we mentioned as a group that our goal is to stay in Super League.

“You don’t spend the full cap in this competition and have that as your goal. We’re realistic, but we have got ambition and two wins so far doesn’t mean anything.”

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