Derek Beaumont reveals how much of his finances he invests into Leigh Leopards

A lot has been made of the money Derek Beaumont has put into the newly named Leigh Leopards as he looks to cement them as a Super League side.

It seems to be working with the Leopards beating Champions St Helens last week having ended Hull KR’s unbeaten start to the season the week before.

But how much money is Beaumont investing?

On the Eddie and Stevo podcast it was put to Beaumont by former Sky Sports commentator Eddie Hemmings if Beaumont was spending his children’s inheritance.

Beaumont said:

“In some respects, having a club and making it great when it’s all we’ve got in this town and seeing the way the town is buzzing and rocking with everything, that for me is a pleasure.

“I get a pleasure out of giving. My family are enjoying it, I’m enjoying it. I’ll give them (his children) the ways and words to be able to make their own money anyway.

“I’m not spending money we as a family haven’t got, but I believe I’m making change and in the end my kids can look back and say ‘that club’s a full-time Super League club and it’s got an academy which is something that didn’t exist before my dad got involved in it’.

“They can be proud of that. Whereas extra money in the bank, does that really leave any pride?

“I do everything responsibly. I run this place like I do my own business, like you do your house. You maximise the income you can get into it and you spend as little as you can – trying to get the best deal for everything without comprising your DNA and comprising the quality and what you want to be as a product – and that’s what I do here.

“The one thing different this time to the previous times we got promoted is that we recruited in May. I put my neck on the line and I knew I could expose myself to £2 million.”

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