Derek Beaumont reveals his ‘real opinion’ on Bradford Bulls

The 2015 Championship season was one of the strongest ever as Bradford Bulls and Leigh Centurions contested at the top and pushed for a place in Super League.

The Bulls made it to the Million Pound Game but lost to Wakefield Trinity ahead of Leigh who missed out to the surprise of many.

So there is a rivalry there but Leigh Leopards owner Derek Beaumont would love to see them rejuvenated as he revealed on the Eddie and Stevo podcast:

“Would I like to see a rejuvenated Bradford? Yes I would. Most people in Bradford think I hate them because of the time Marc Green was there and we were locking horns with them.

“But I don’t actually hate Bradford at all. I would love to see Bradford rejuvenated, I would love to see Nigel Wood get some success there.”

He also spoke about being a divisive figure because of some of his opinions:

“I’m never going to please all the people all the time. I’m not bothered about all the people on social if I’m honest. I just want to stand up for what is right.

“I like to support things that people struggle with, I like to combat adversity, to help people and be charitable.

“I would love to be able to support all the clubs financially, but I can’t. My passion is in this town and with this club.

“That’s me, is you ask me something I’ll tell you straight and if people don’t like that, well that’s their problem to deal with, not mine.”

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