Derek Beaumont explains the “legal problem” Leigh Leopards have had to deal with following rebrand

Since the Leigh Leopards rebrand, they have received plenty of praise.

They have put on some amazing entertainment, have been competitive on the field, signed some huge stars of the game and play in really striking kits.

They have got new eyes on themselves and Super League in general.

However, to those playing close attention, you will have noticed one key aspect has been lacking: a club website.

Speaking on the Red Vee podcast ahead of Leigh’s trip to St Helens, owner Derek Beaumont explained that this has been down to a legal issue.

He said:

“The only part of the suite that isn’t there, and it’s has been almost kind of a legal problem really, is to do with the website but that’s pretty much sorted now and on with another business.”

He also explained that the rebrand’s success speaks for itself even if not everyone is a fan:

“The numbers do the talking don’t they? Actions speak louder than words and numbers are the things you evidence it by.

“Does everyone like every aspect of our club? No but different things appeal to different people. When we did that rebrand it wasn’t on a whim, it got rushed at the end because Super League needed to go on certain things. When they realised what we were doing we hadn’t thought about the ramifications on them or their pre-planning.

“We didn’t want any of that to change part way through. We did the right thing and it caught us out.”

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Grow A Brain
Grow A Brain
15 days ago