Derek Beaumont calls out Super League teams playing in football stadiums

Derek Beaumont has been vocal about comparisons between Leigh Leopards and local rivals Wigan Warriors.

In fact the Warriors, were a key reason behind Leigh’s rebrand.

Meanwhile, Beaumont has also said in the past that he thinks that because of the difference between stadiums that Leigh games look better on Sky because it is smaller and therefore looks fuller than Wigan’s.

This topic came up again as he spoke on the Eddie and Stevo podcast calling out clubs for playing at football stadiums.

“I have said it before, is Wigan with 11,000 in a 25,000-seater stadium as good as what you’ve got here in Leigh?” he said.

“What if you get 11,000 in an 11,000 stadium? Should we score better for that or should we score worse for that because we’ve only got an 11,000 facility?

“I believe it should be index linked percentage wise. So, if you’ve got an 11,000 capacity stadium and you’ve got 8,000 in, what’s that percentage?

“Compare that with if you’ve got 11,000 in a 25,000, what’s that percentage? They should look at what’s your percentage of occupancy of your facility, that’s how you should actually score as apposed to attendance.”

He then went on to speak about Huddersfield comparing them to Barrow Raiders:

“I don’t want to pick on any clubs here but if we look at Huddersfield, I love Ken Davy, he’s a legend of a guy who has pumped loads of money, time and effort in.

“But they’ve got a big fancy football stadium, but it doesn’t look great with 3,000 or 4,000 fans in.

“The guy at Barrow would argue his stadium, that’s in need of redeveloping, with a full 5,000 fans in at capacity looks better and is more animated.

“Cumbria needs a team, but there is so much involved in it. Huddersfield fans will slaughter me for saying that but they are not the only ones.”

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9 days ago

Terrible Headline for the article – nowhere is “football” mentioned in any of his quotes… …that being said, this guys and idiot! Look 15 to 20 years ago when Wigan first moved into to the DW, they had a long period of having 20,000 to 25,000 in per match. The fact that they now have 11,000 average is a result of the decline of rugby league in the past 10 years, and I’m sure it’s the same for Huddersfield (either that or it was the cheaper option at the time). Of course having a higher percentage of your stadium full looks better, but no club moves into a stadium or expands their own of they can’t fill it (*cough* Man City *cough*), this guy has clearly overlooked the attendance history of Wigan Warriors and is what, criticising them for not downsizing to a small stadium. If anything, purposely downsizing is… Read more »