Dec Patton fires shots at previous clubs following move to Bradford Bulls

For Dec Patton, it’s always been a case of nearly.

He nearly broke through to make it in the first-team at the Warrington Wolves and then nearly did the same at the Salford Red Devils.

But, now Patton has revealed what his experiences have been like in the past few seasons and how difficult it was at Warrington and Salford.

“I’m just starting to get my career back on track now after a wobbly couple of years,” Patton told the Vanilla Vine podcast.

“It was a weird one, I had a bit of sh*t going with my agents, and I ended up changing – I didn’t even get paid for a month or two around Christmas.

“I was thinking ‘does no one want to touch me?’ And I remember Richard Marshall had just gone there (to Salford) and he pulled out of it.

“It was all done and settled and a week later he met for a walk – he was like ‘would you play hooker for me?’

“I went there and it was a nice club and had great players but I just wasn’t his cup of tea.

“I tried bulking up to play nine and it was just a sh*tshow for myself.

“We then played Huddersfield at Huddersfield and I was in the halves and we won but I didn’t get played after that.”

After that, Patton deliberated about a move to the Championship, admitting that he didn’t want to consider it at first.

“John Kear had already told me that he wanted to sign me, but I wanted to stay in Super League and I’ve never been put in that situation before – I was panicking but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my career.

“I’ve had two years at Warrington where I played three games and at Salford I didn’t play.

“They made me feel wanted at Bradford and John is a very good mentor and he made me feel very welcome.

“I can’t wait to go out and play on a Sunday, I love going into training.”

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