Rugby League has fallen behind says Longo

Davide Longo structure

Featherstone general manager Davide Longo says the constant uncertainty within the game has seen Rugby League fall behind other sports.

The Rovers chief has been left frustrated with a decision yet to be made regarding potential structural changes, which could come into effect as soon as next season.

All Championship and League 1 clubs met last week but no decision was reached about the future of the second and third tiers of the sport.

The lack of information has left Longo worried and he says it is “virtually impossible” to plan for the long-term and discuss the future of players and staff.

“From an administrative point of view, it makes long-term planning virtually impossible,” he said.

“Are clubs going to be relegated from Super League or the Championship this year? If we find ourselves in a dream position, would be be granted a place in the top flight?

“Although, in theory, nothing has changed, we feel it very well might in the coming weeks and months and all of this potentially weakens our position.”

Longo, who previously worked at Wakefield Trinity, has been involved in Rugby League for nearly 20 years and says the sport has not progressed in that time.

“When you look at a sport like Darts, which has become a global phenomenon in less than 10 years, you have to question the position of Rugby League,” he said.

“Sporting success stories often come on the back of long-term planning and a vision. We just want to be able to have things laid out, so we know what that will look like for us as a club. 

“I cannot think of one example, in any walk of life, where uncertainty has resulted in success in growth, which Rugby League badly desires – from top to bottom. 

“We are doing all we can at Featherstone, within a tight budget, though we waste vital hours discussing promotion, relegation, what might happen and when, while other sports power forward and grow.”

Read the full interview with Davide Longo HERE. Photo credit: Featherstone Rovers