Daryl Powell praises Warrington Wolves’ youth department and hints at further debuts

Even though Warrington Wolves lost to Leeds on Friday night, it was a special day for the Wolves.

Not only did the Wire remind everyone of what they can do as they look ahead to 2023, but they also gave debuts to two exciting young forwards in Adam Holroyd and Luke Thomas whilst another young man started in the halves in Riley Dean who got Warrington’s first try of the game as Warrington battled hard against the in form Rhinos.

After the game, this prompted coach Daryl Powell to praise the youngsters and the Wolves’ youth department suggesting that we could see more young players debut before the end of the season.

“I love the two young boys who made their debuts, there’s a few things happening within the team we’ve got Riley Dean in the halves today, James Harrison who I think has been absolutely class, an unbelievable play and then those two young bucks.

“There’s a real good feeling there. We know where we’re going, clearly we’re not getting in the top six this year, it’s not about that now, it’s about connecting it all together and making sure that everyone sees that there is drive and there is a genuine team here and some young bucks coming through.

“You’d have to applaud the youth department. Some of the things they’re doing: wow.

“You’ve seen it today. Adam Holroyd handled that pretty easily looked really comfortable and did a lot of high quality things.

“I thought Luke Thomas handled it pretty well. He had a great look at it maybe I could’ve put him on early. We’re going to see more young players get opportunities here. There’s a reason and rational to do it at the moment which is going to be great for the future of the club.”

He also spoke highly about Riley Dean as well as another young halfback in the shape of Leon Hayes who was in the Wolves’ 21-man squad for the game.

He noted that both could be options for Warrington in the halves moving forward especially as Gareth Widdop is set to leave at the end of the year.

“He’s one of the options. We had Leon Hayes with us as well today and he’s a player who’s got a lot of potential. He’s probably the best at our club at controlling a game. I’ve seen what he can do with the academy.

“There’s some real options there, Stef Ratchford has signed for two years and Riley has some class about him. There’s some things he needs to keep improving. He just needs to keep going, he’s a young half. A young half just needs to grow his craft.”

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