Daryl Powell on Warrington Wolves’ new captain and leadership group for 2023

Warrington Wolves Head Coach Daryl Powell has spoken of the need for his squad to connect in order to achieve the results required for the upcoming season, whilst also talking about potential new leadership for the side.

In a video shared by the Wolves social team on YouTube, Powell can be seen leading a team meeting and shares the core principles of what he believes is essential for his squad to succeed in 2023.

He said: “I want us to connect way better this year. I think it’s got to be massive for us, our starting point of us, you boys as players, us as staff making sure we connect with you guys. This facility should help us massively with that.”

Powell even comments that his players and their families should all be connected in order to create the correct environment for his side’s success, before discussing the potential new leadership group.

He added: “We’re making sure our families are connected as well, looking after each other. Leaders we’ll decide, I won’t pick a leadership group at the start.

“I’ll see how this rolls because I want you boys to get after it. Leaders that stand out we’ll talk about that as we roll through the pre-season. Protect the pack just means look after each other.”

It’s evident that Powell sees value in creating a family style unity within the squad, which could hint at potential unrest or a lack of unity last season when the Wire finished in an unexpected 11th position in Super League.

What is also of interest are Powell’s comments on the leadership group, with a new captain set to be announced in the coming weeks and months rather than days as pre-season progresses.

Previous skipper Jack Hughes was among a number of players to leave the club and join Leigh Leopards following the conclusion of the 2022 season, with Warrington’s new captain a big talk of discussion among fans at the moment.

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