Daryl Powell gives Warrington Wolves injury update as two players pick up issues after Leeds Rhinos defeat

Right now for Warrington, eyes are starting to turn towards 2023 after this year has become a bit of a write off.

But with a few rounds to go, the Wolves will be hoping to avoid injuries which could undermine their preparation for next year and the start of Super League XXVIII.

They’ve already suffered one such injury in the loss of Connor Wrench to an ACL injury which could see him miss until May of next year.

So the question is, did Warrington come out of their defeat at Headingley unscathed?

Coach Daryl Powell, revealed two players had issues but that he wasn’t particularly worried about them whilst noting two players would return to the mix this week.

“We don’t have too much,” Powell said in terms of injuries, “Ben Currie had a bit of a knee issue, I don’t think too much.

“I’m not 100% sure on people coming back. Thomas Mikaele will be in the mix and obviously Josh Thewlis didn’t play so he’ll come into the reckoning there.

“Matty Ashton had a bit of a quad issue, so we’ll check on it.

“In general, the boys who are going out there are doing a terrific job and we need to keep that up.”

Powell also said a word on Wrench who faces nine months out on the back of the aforementioned ACL injury.

He’ll be alongside Warrington teammate Joe Philbin who suffered the same injury recently and Powell believed the two would bounce back: “We’ve had two now this year, Philbin and now Wrench. They’re really difficult injuries because you know the layoff is going to be significant and the road back is a tough one.

“Greg Minikin had one last year, James Harrison the same and they’ve both come back pretty strong. I think Harrison in particular I think it’s phenomenal what he’s done on the back of nine months off.

“Wrench has a massive future ahead of him and he’s very young. He’ll come out of it and physically he’ll end up packing some muscle on upstairs which isn’t going to hurt him and he’ll retain his speed which is one of his biggest assets.

“We’re wishing him all the best for his operation and his recovery. I think when you have two they work together and keep each other’s spirits up.”

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