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Daryl Powell explains why Warrington Wolves lost to Leeds Rhinos

At this stage in a difficult season for Warrington Wolves, all the Wire can do is try and develop and look ahead to 2023.

The Wolves did a terrific job of showing what they can do with a brilliant second half which they won 12-0 to give Leeds a freight in what ended up being a 24-18 defeat for the Wolves at Headingley.

After the game coach Daryl Powell dissected the loss believing that the defeat lay mainly at the feet of his side’s attack.

“I was saying just before halftime, I thought if we could get in at halftime at 18-6 but then we concede that try. I thought it was a bit offside, mentioned it to the touch judge afterwards and he said ‘no I don’t think so’,” Powell said.

“I thought we could’ve done with a bit more clarity in good ball. We got a bit frantic, they defended well I thought.

“It felt a bit better than the first game of the season here. There’s something coming here, you can see it and feel it.”

He was pleased with the performance however believing there’s definitely something to build on: “I was really pleased with a lot of today, I thought it could have gone one of two ways. Leeds were playing really well.

“Then it completely flipped in the second half. I though we our effort and commitment couldn’t be faulted.

“We were a bit frantic there. We went a bit every man for himself. We’ve got to keep working on it.

“I thought the set up plays were a bit slow. It was very difficult to find space. If we’d have been a bit better in that area we’d a chance of getting back level and then it’s lottery.”

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