Daryl Clark gives honest opinion on the transfer of teammate

Daryl Clark has opened up on the loss of winger Tom Lineham, who will join Wakefield from 2022.

Clark and Lineham are both from Yorkshire – with the former hailing from Castleford and the latter from Hull – with the Warrington hooker outlining just how close they are off the pitch.

“I’m pretty close with Tommy, I do a lot with him away from training so it is sad to see him go but it is good to see that he’s got his future sorted with a contract,” Clark said.

“I’m really happy for him but disappointed he’s going because he’s a big character and a good laugh to have around the place. He’s a big entertainer and he’s really clever with what he does and he loves the attention he gets.

“There will be more to come from him I’m sure with his interviews. I think we should give him man of the match every week for the rest of the season so we can all have a laugh!”

Clark was initially suspended for the game against Hull FC but the ban carried over into last week against Wakefield following the postponement the week prior and he cannot wait to get back out on the field.

“It was only meant to be one game but with the Hull game getting cancelled it ended up turning into almost two and a half weeks out.

“It’s great to be available again for Thursday and get back out there after seeing the performance and result on Sunday. We watched the review this week and although it wasn’t a good watch it was maybe the kick that we needed, so hopefully we can put in a miles better performance on Thursday.

“You never want to miss games, I thought I was playing pretty well and in decent form so to break that up is disappointing. On the other hand you get that rest and manage to save the shoulders for another week or so, I feel in pretty healthy at the minute so I’ll be ready to go.”

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