Danny Richardson hits back at Saints supporter who accuses him of ‘goading the fans’

You had to see the fixture last night to believe it, but, after over 30 years of heartache Castleford finally won away at St Helens in the league – and for the first time in Super League.

For one player in particular, the victory was sweet.

Danny Richardson – a player whom was ostracised in the last year of his Saints career – came back to the ground where he made his professional debut and where he was Super League’s top points scorer in 2018.

The halfback was targeted by one St Helens fan after the game, who claimed that Richardson had been “goading the fans” in “embarrassing” fashion.

Richardson, however, was quick to point out that the Saints fans had been on his back the whole game and so it was just his way of giving something back after being targeted.

The Tigers went on to record a 20-10 victory, with Greg Eden’s interception try settling the game with barely minutes remaining.

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1 year ago

I find out shameful, at The Totally Wicked Stadium, two occasions, three members of the Wakefield medical team were on the field giving attention to injured players, and some sections of the small crowd, choose to Boo! what was happening! That is not how I ever remember as a youngster, injured players being treated at Knowsley Road! I do not attend now, current crowds do not reflect with such low attendances the Town off St Helens any longer.