Danny Richardson and Jake Trueman future latest

Danny Richardson and Jake Trueman are set to be fighting for the Castleford Tigers halfback spots in 2022.

Alongside Gareth O’Brien and new signing Callum McLelland, the duo will be aiming to haul the Tigers back up the Super League table after a disappointing year in 2021.

Castleford finished outside the play-offs for the second year running under previous head coach Daryl Powell, but the West Yorkshire club has welcomed Lee Radford, who has so far seen a overhaul of the squad left to him.

Richardson’s future has often been talked about – as well as Trueman’s – but the man himself has spoken out about rumours constantly linking him and fellow halfback partner Trueman with moves away from the Jungle.

“It’s something you get used to,” Richardson told the Trot The Egg In podcast.

“Since I’ve been at Cas I’ve not once gone in and asked to leave and Jake hasn’t done that either.

“We’re Castleford players and we play for Castleford, nowadays it only takes one thing to come out on social media and everyone will retweet and it gathers a bit of pace.”

The former St Helens number 7 recalled how questions on his future resurfaced following the end of the season, with some reports linking him with a move to the Wigan Warriors.

“I was sat there one night a month ago, my phone starts pinging off with questions ‘have you signed for wigan?’ from family members, and I replied ‘do you not think i would have told you?’

“I said I’d not heard anything of the sort, you go on Twitter and then its like ‘he was at the training ground ten minutes ago’ and I was in Aldi shopping in widnes.

“Some people see it on the internet and take it as gospel.

“I don’t really care what people think about me but I don’t want it to come across that I want to push a move when it’s just some fella lying on social media.”

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