Could former Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash be heading for this UK club?

Bradford Bulls have been making the headlines for the wrong reasons recently.

After drawing criticism over the Odsal pitch due to its dimensions and short sides, the club held a fans’ forum last week where the chairman Nigel Wood and chief executive Jason Hirst discussed all things concerning Bradford.

One of those talking points was about the ownership of the club with Hirst launching a passionate defence of both him and Wood, professing that anyone with the right ‘money, knowledge, expertise’ is welcome to try and run the Bulls better.

“We’d absolutely be open to investors. We’d welcome a stronger management team in terms of additional value, be that monetary or otherwise,” Hirst told the Telegraph and Argus.

“As a management team, we’re always open to sit down and talk to anyone who’s realistically wanting to get involved in investing in the Bradford Bulls.

“There’s no one person bigger than the Bradford Bulls. Everything Nigel does, I do, the volunteers and staff do, it’s done tirelessly because we want the Bradford Bulls to be successful.

“If there are people out there who have the money, knowledge, expertise and they think they can support us or do better, then we will sit and talk with them.

“Speaking for myself, and no-one else, if someone out there can do a better job than me, I’m man enough to recognise that and talk with them.”

That’s where, potentially, Dr Marwan Koukash could step in.

If there has ever been a greater character to enter the world of Super League than the Palestine-born billionaire racehorse owner then please put the flag out.

With a ‘Red Devil Devilution’ taking hold at Salford under Koukash’s previous reign, the 63-year-old brought in the likes of Rangi Chase, Gareth Hock and Harrison Hansen as well as 11 other stars in a bid to take Super League by storm.

Though that eventually failed, Koukash did bring Salford back to a stable economic footing and subsequently wrote his debt off to the club.

Since then, he has teased a comeback every so often with Leigh Centurions the last speculated target after Koukash began conversing with Leigh owner Derek Beaumont on Twitter.

Known for his incredible backing and passion for the sport, it could well be tempting for Koukash to return to the sport alongside his friend – and it would certainly rock the rugby league world, especially if the Centurions make it back to Super League – but Bradford appear ripe for investment.

With a brilliant youth system, great fan base and a city that needs a strong rugby league team, Bradford could prove even more attractive for Koukash. Stranger things have happened.

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