“Cooper should never play for Warrington again” – how social media reacted to Mike Cooper’s barge on coach Steve Price

Aside from the Warrington loss, one other incident stood out from the whole game and that was Mike Cooper’s apparent barge into his head coach Steve Price after being substituted in the 30th minute. But, how did social media react?

One St Helens fan found Cooper’s actions “disrespectful”.

One Warrington fan believes that Price has “lost the team” and calls for him to be replaced.

Another echoed the belief that something “isn’t right” at Warrington.

Many were also shocked at what happened.

Another neutral supporter sympathised with Price.

Another called it “disgraceful” from Cooper.

A different Twitter user believes Price won’t last until the end of June in the coaching job.

However, another Warrington fan dismissed it as mere “frustration”.

Yet that was a very small minority as the consensus was that the actions were disrespectful.

Another called on Price to drop the prop for the next game.

One neutral fan called for Cooper to never play for the club again.

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