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Controversial pundit explains why rugby league needs to “eradicate the sin bin”

There seems to be more yellow cards than ever in rugby league especially in the NRL.

And thus controversial pundit Phil Gould, who made headlines in the past for saying “England can’t beat Samoa” and writing off St Helens before the World Club Challenge, has said the sin bin should be eradicated.

“It’s time to eradicate the sin bin all together if you ask me. I’m sick of the sin bin, I’m sick of all the sin bins we get and throwing people off the field for no reason,” he said.

Asked if the use of a five minute sin bin would be better, he replied:

“If it’s borderline or a slap then why are they going off the field for five minutes anyway?

“There’s way too many sin bins, way too many penalties, way too many six-agains. The world’s gone crazy, it’s absolutely gone crazy.

“The less sin bin, the better. I’ve said as well that if you have a player in the sin bin for whatever he’s been sent in for, if his team concede a try then the sin bin should end.

“He’s come off, they’ve conceded, that’s the penalty. It shouldn’t be two and three tries, that’s just way too big a penalty for whatever has occurred.

“The shorter the sin bin period the better, sit him in the naughty bay for two minutes. Sin bins change the course of games and then later you can find out they were innocent anyway. You have to be absolutely certain before you go sending people from the field.

“If you’ve stopped a try-scoring opportunity, if you’ve dead set tackled the bloke who was going to score the try then it’s going to be a penalty try anyway isn’t it? I think some of the sin bins that they put in are just very very pedantic.”

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