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Confirmation Super League club has nailed down transfer targets

Leigh Leopards’ recruitment throughout the 2022 season and going into this year’s campaign has been key to their amazing success and the club have already nailed down some signings for 2024.

This comes from owner Derek Beaumont.

He confirmed that they have some players secured for next year:

“Much easier, and Chessie will tell you that because we’ve already pretty much, you know, we’ve nailed some players that have not been announced yet because it’s not the right thing to do.

“The players, the young, good players that the top sides were in for, we were competing with Wigan and Saints for players now.

“In the past, whenever we’ve been down at the bottom, it’s too unstable. So players are a little bit edgy and nervous and they all want to win.  There’s not a long time for playing the game as a player so they want to try and win things and they see that.

“Players are coming up to me from other teams when we played them at the end of the game and saying, ‘wow, what an event.  I loved being part of that. It’s like being at a final’.

“That makes it easier for us to keep building and then sitting there in the top six means you’re not saying, ‘this is what we’re going to do’.  It’s a case of ‘this is what we’re doing’.”

The club are widely believed to have signed Huddersfield Giants star Owen Trout.

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