Concern for rugby league in Australia as participation numbers compared with other sports

Rugby league is often seen as the most popular sport in Australia – the football of Australia.

This is where the strength of sport often lies, in the eyes of many at least.

It is the strength of the sport down under that has seen them dominate the world stage.

They made it three Rugby League World Cup Final wins in a row at Old Trafford last month after all.

However, it seems the sport could be under threat in Australia and potentially not in as strong as a position it once was.

This comes after the extra hype in Australia about the FIFA World Cup.

30,000 fans piled into Melbourne Storm’s AAMI Park to watch Australia in the knockout stages against Lionel Messi’s Argentina despite the fact it kicked off at 6am in Australia and they could only watch the game on screens.

This had some worried and the release of participation numbers in sport in Australia has perhaps intensified those concerns.

According to AusPlay Survey 2022 shared by Optus Sport reveal that 1,139,466 people play football in Australia topping the list with golf and tennis also over a million players.

Basketball is around 800,000, Aussie Rules is 555,000 and cricket is just behind on 550,000.

Rugby league is seventh with only 175,291 people playing the sport.

It does at least beat out rugby union on 138,000.

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1 month ago

Dumb write up. Firstly, participation numbers here are way off, endorsed by a soccer broadcaster: Combining contact, touch & tag, RL (which controls all three) has over 1m participants, it’s doing fine in Aus.