Competition could get booted if more COVID-19 incidents occur

Queensland chief health officer Jeannette Young has warned one more COVID-19 breaching incident will mean that the NRL will no longer be allowed in the state, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported.

All NRL clubs are currently based in Queensland alongside some of their families under quarantine conditions, but with incidents such as Jai Arrow’s bubble breach and Api Koroisau bringing a woman into the Brisbane hotel, Queensland officials are getting fed up.

And, the fact that, at a quarantine hotel containing family members, people were passing goods between balconies, Young is “very close” to booting the competition out.

“I’m getting very close to it,” Young said.

“I’m very, very concerned about what is happening with these NRL players. This is too risky. We just cannot have people deliberately breaching the rules.”

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Todney Roberts
Todney Roberts
1 year ago

Queensland has a CORRUPT government run by FREEMASONS just like the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the state premiers – ALL bent and all members of a lodge!
An utter disgrace. May their DARKNESS be exposed very soon!

Todney Roberts
Todney Roberts
1 year ago

Certificate Of Vaccine IDentification – 19

Wake up the lot of you! You have been LIED to!

COVID has been set up to usher on something called the GREAT RESET!
Look it up!