Commentator Andrew Voss claims Samoa will speak to the media despite ‘imposed ban’ ahead of England showdown

Rugby League World Cup commentator Andrew Voss has tweeted that the Samoan rugby league team and staff will speak to the media ahead of Saturday’s semi-final against England.

Reports in various publications earlier in the day stated that Samoa coach Matt Parish and his players would not involve themselves in media duties this week to focus on the game at the Emirates Stadium.

Samoa lost their opening World Cup game 60-6 to England and since then head coach Parish has been unhappy with media treatment of his team, that’s despite his team winning every game since to setup the rematch with the hosts for a place in the final.

Voss tweeted angrily earlier in the day: “Media bans in rugby league are a crock of shit. @RLWC2021 Seriously…Do your job. It’s not life or death. It is sport. Sport attracts opinions all day every day. And you take the good with the bad. If it is offensive material you delete or block.”

He continued: “Further to my view on media ban;let me tell you that Samoan squad has some of the best personalities in the @NRL. Talented yet humble men who are great to deal with. Luai,To’o,Crichton, Papali’i etc.I hope coach changes his stance.Nothing but good will be achieved as a result.

“The effort & countless hours of work of @RLWC2021 staff is to be admired. They want the best for the sport & know it has this window to get out so many good league related stories. Controversy is also a story. Fan engagement on positive & negative is all part of the ‘deal.'”

However, in the last hour (as of 5pm), Voss put out a tweet stating that he had now been informed that there was no ban and the Samoan players would partake in media responsibilities as normal.

Voss said: “I’m being told the best interests of @RLSamoa & the @RLWC2021 will be served & the team available to the media..which in turn is actually speaking to the fans.They have so many good personalities & much to celebrate in reaching semis for the 1st time.Hope this remains the case.”

Samoa face England at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium this Saturday (2.30pm) for a place in the Rugby League World Cup final against either Australia or New Zealand.

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