Coach Trev Smith to leave Belgrade

A message from Red Star Coach Trev Smith

To the supporters of Red Star Belgrade Rugby League,

It comes with a heavy heart that I’m writing this letter to you to let you know that I’ll be standing down as head coach of Red Star Belgrade after the game on May 16th against Rhodes Knights in our Balkan Super League clash.

I know the question that you’ll be is asking is why? As the team is doing really well. Here is my answer for you. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer known as Desmoid fibromatosis which is within the muscle fibres of the walls that protect my vital organs. I had an operation to remove the tumor back then which was a success but I was told that there was always going to be a chance that it would return.

Last year in February the desmoid fibromatosis unfortunately had returned but this time worst than it was in 2014. I received radiation treatment for the tumors but was told by the doctors that they weren’t sure if it would work or not as they still weren’t familiar with what I had as I was one of the first people in the world to have it.

When the club hired me to coach the team they were aware of my condition but at the time I had it under control and I spoke with my doctors before leaving Australia and they said I should be alright but if anything changes to let them know.

Over the last 2 weeks I have felt some changes and it hasn’t been good and it has affected the way I coach and it’s not good for me or the team moving forward if I stay on as the condition gets worst.

I’ll like to personally say thank you to you all at our game on May 16th for your support and the way you all have accepted me into Red Star even before I had arrived here in Belgrade.

As well I’ll like to say thank you to Colin Kleyweg for giving me the opportunity to come to Belgrade to coach at Red Star and president Zeljko Delic and the rest of the board for their support during my stay here in Belgrade.

Even though I’ve had some success by winning the Serbian Super Cup and being with the under 18s when they won the  Belgrade 9s I still feel disappointed as I haven’t achieved what I set out to achieve and that was to win the 3 remaining trophies to make it a clean sweep for the club.

This won’t be the end of me and I’m hoping one day I can return to this great club but for the time being I’ll be  supporting from back home in Sydney Australia and I’m confident that the team can win the remaining 3 trophies that are still up for grabs.

Thank you again for supporting not just me but the team as well and like I said it’ll be good to see you all on May 16th when we take on Rhode Knights .

From Trev Smith