Club owners claim that current TV money is “barely enough to cover the electricity bill”

Keighley Cougars were the main club who stood against IMG’s proposals.

They were consistently outspoken but in the end were on the wrong side of the vote.

Speaking at a Q and A event, the club’s owners have said the fight was worth fighting but say they will now back the system:

“No, the IMG fight was worth fighting. The club will now back the IMG proposals, but our view remains that long term I don’t think the proposed changes will work. We stuck our neck out and we got battered for it, but I am proud we stood by our values. Robert Hicks, head of legal at RFL visited recently and we assured him we will make the best of it – we lost the argument, and we accept that.”

That said they expressed concern about the central funding claiming their distribution is barely enough to cover the electricity bill:

“My biggest concern is central funding (the Sky contribution each month). For Cougars it is not an essential lifeline, as we are still on League 1 distribution for this season, which is very little, it barely covers the electricity bill. My concern is for those clubs in SL and those in Championship (who were in Championship last season) who receive substantial amounts every month, and without it they would be in difficulties.”

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