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Club adamantly denies rumours that payments to players have been missed

Keighley Cougars have been the centre of attention lately.

They wholeheartedly stood against the proposals from IMG and since they were voted in the club have been in a strange place.

Excitingly, the club has announced plans for a new stand but have lost star player Luke Gale Wakefield Trinity before parting company with Rhys Lovegrove.

The club have now shut down rumours that they have missed salary payments to the squad at a Q and A:

“Owner Ryan stressed that the only issue here was the misunderstanding with some players over the club’s policy to retain a portion of the win bonus, to accumulate into an end-of-season pot, as was the case in the 2022 season.

”The clubs’ intention from the beginning of the 2022 season, was that this was a permanent policy, however this was not communicated to new contracted players.  Once this issue came to light, it was resolved without issue.

”Ryan stressed that the club has never missed players salary payments.

”Ryan expressed his frustration that these false rumours cause the club damage, and that he requests that the person who spreads these false rumours for dramatic affect and to cause disruption should stop doing so.”

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