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Chief plays down player revolt as club in crisis

Rugby League mistake

Former Brisbane Broncos legend Darren Lockyer, who is now a board member at the club, has played down the reports of a player revolt.

Lockyer instead pointed to the destabilising feature of not having a CEO following Paul White’s departure and Dave Donaghy’s arrival.

“If you look at the last six to nine months, it hasn’t been ideal not having a CEO,” Lockyer said on The Footy Show on Channel 9.

“Dave Donaghy was the one who was selected, and we had to wait for him to come to the club.

“He’s had a look under the bonnet since he’s been there and he’s pretty keen on making some changes.

“It’s obviously not where you want to be, but we’re letting Dave get on with business and do what he thinks he needs to do at the club.

“He’s come from the Storm and he knows what successful structures look like.”

Player and staff movement has been a big talking point too, with the likes of Tevita Pangai Junior and Matt Lodge given the green light to leave.

“There’s going to be a bit of movement with staff and players and the next four to six weeks is going to be a rough ride,” Lockyer said.

“If you go by results, the engine’s not humming. It’s a big talking point.

“The Broncos don’t play again for a couple of weeks with the rep round, and the next couple of rounds, the commentary’s going to be pretty consistent.”

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