Cheyse Blair opens up on haircut and positional change

He’s often been the butt of people’s jokes regarding his mullet hairstyle, but that kind of attention isn’t fazing Castleford Tigers’ Cheyse Blair.

“This is a normal haircut in Australia,” Blair joked.

“It’s something I’m having a bit of laugh with and I’m a bit of a laidback guy so I don’t care what I look like.

“I tried to get it cut last week, but the line was too big; everyone wants to get their fades done, but I’m not bothered about that.

“I’m just going for a little bit of a look at the moment because it’s cold one day and warm the next. Maybe if it’s warm for a long period I can get it cut off!”

Blair was signed from the Melbourne Storm as a centre, but it’s the back-row where the Australian seems to have found his home at Castleford.

“I enjoy it; I obviously never played it there in Australia, but I came over here and it probably didn’t work in the centres and I’ve got my opportunity to play in the back-row.

“I like the workload and you get your hands on the ball a bit more – you don’t score as many tries but I do enjoy it!

“I’ve always been a bigger sort of person, I’m strong and it’s about morale and working with your halves in the back-row.

“You do a lot more training in the forwards, it just changes the workload with the extra tackles.”

Though Super League was undoubtedly faster in the latter half of 2020 due to the rule changes, Blair thinks the game has got even faster in 2021.

“It’s faster without the scrums, I know we didn’t have scrums after Covid, but I still think they’re trying to speed the game up.

“There’s a lot more six agains and a lot less penalties – everything seems to be six agains.

“I think sometimes you need to find a happy medium.”

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