Chester blasts Faraimo ban

Wakefield boss Chris Chester says he is “disappointed” that Bureta Faraimo has got just a two-match ban for his challenge on Max Jowitt.

Jowitt had to leave the field for a HIA in Trinity’s defeat to Hull last week, but the fullback is expected to be fit for Wakefield’s game against Catalans on Friday.

Faraimo misses Hull’s Super League game at Wigan Warriors on Thursday as well as the Challenge Cup quarter-final with the same opponents. However, Chester did not mince his words on the match review’s decision.

He said to the Wakefield Express: “It’s just disappointing from our perspective.

“When you listen to the referee and the fourth official’s commentary, they say direct contact to the head.

“I always thought that was a straight red card. I’m just waiting for some clarity on it.

“Once again we lose a player to foul play and it’s somebody else who will get to benefit next week.

“We gained just ten minutes benefit. I just don’t know what to make of it. There’s been some directive about contact to the head and they have said it will be dealt with severely, especially with all the concussion issues.

“You saw Leeds Rhinos’ Zane Tetevano contact to the head the other week, where he got a red card and four matches.

“There were similarities with that and the tackle on Max. Yet that’s yellow and two games…?”

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Mike king
Mike king
1 year ago

The 10 mins advantage they gained they conceded a try
They would not have scored a try as they were clueless going forward in the red zone.